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1. 心态决定情绪,情绪决定心情,心情决定心境,心境决定生活。Mentality decided to emotions, emotions decided the mood, the mood decided to mood, mood decided to life.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说1

2. 许多人都说失去以后才懂得珍惜,其实珍惜后的失去更痛Many people say that after losing just know to cherish, actually cherish after losing more pain.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说2

3. 别忘了答应自己要去的地方,无论有多难,有多远。Don't forget promised to go to your place, no matter how hard it is, how far is it.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说3

4. 我想我还是不够成熟,没办法为自己那颗浮躁的心,波澜不惊地掌舵I don't think I'm still not mature enough, can the heart blundering, for himself off peacefully at the helm

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说4

5. 很多事,唯有当距离渐远的时候,才能回首看清它A lot of things, but only when the distance away, to look back to see it.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说5

6. 世间太多的错失不是因为愚蠢,而是因为太聪明。Many mistakes in the world are not caused by stupidity,but exceeded intelligence.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说6

7. 能力决定你能做什么,动机决定你做什么,态度决定你做得怎么样。Ability to decide what you can do, motivation determines what you do, attitude determines how are you doing.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说7

8. 当你的心情很容易被另一个人所影响时,你便会知道,他对你意义非凡。When your mood is very easy to be influenced by another person, you know, he means a lot to you.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说8

9. 每个人都是活在自己的故事里,你不必知道自己是谁,只是需要知道自己需要做的是谁。Everyone is living in their own story, you don't have to know who you are, just need to know who is you need to do.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说9

10. 我希望有那么一刻,我可以把我承受的痛都给你,不是为了伤害你,而是让你明白你对我的伤害有多深。I wish I could give you my pain just for one moment. Not to hurt you, but so you can finally understand how much you hurt me.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说10

11. 你不尝试着做些能力之外的事情,就永远无法成长。Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, or you will never grow up.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说9

12. 记住,永远不要埋怨已经发生的事情,要么就改变它,要么就安静的接受它。 Remember, never complained that has already happened, or to change it, or quiet accept it.

经典的英文哲理说说带图片 小清新和文字控喜欢的英文说说12

13. 所谓的人缘好,不是有多少人认识你。而是你有事情时,有多少人愿意帮助你。 The so-called good people person, is not how many people know you. But when you have something, how many people are willing to help you.

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