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英文带翻译的浪漫情话 我心里一直有你

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1、我心里一直有你,只是比例变了而已。You are always on my mind, just ratio changed.

2、和你在一起只是我不想给任何人机会!With you it's just that I don't want to give anyone the opportunity!

3、凡事皆有代价,快乐的代价便是痛苦。Everything is a price, the price of happiness is pain.

4、枕头上还遗留你的味道,可你却不在。Pillow also left you, but you did not.

5、我只是须要一个可以让我休息的港湾。I just need a can let me rest harbour.

6、没有人心疼的时候,就自己心疼自己。There is no love, love yourself.

7、没什么特别的事,只想听听你的声音。It's nothing special, just want to hear your voice.

8、爱情没有谁对谁错,只有你爱不爱我。Love has no who to who wrong, only you love me or not.

9、爱的空格太多,能填写的情字却太少。Love too much space, can fill in the mood word is too little.

10、幸福就是,我爱你,然后你也爱上我。Happiness is, I love you, then you also fall in love with me.

英文带翻译的浪漫情话 我心里一直有你1

11、想念和纪念,不会比我的生命更长久。Miss and memorial, not more than my life for a long time.

12、人海中,认定了你,这便是我的执着。Crowd, identified you, this is my persistent.

13、有时候,只是想有个人安静地抱抱我。Sometimes, just want to have personal quiet to hug me.

14、只要习惯于一个人的习惯,便能幸福!As long as you used to the habit of a person, can be happy!

15、在我心中任何时刻都只有想你!爱你!In my heart any moment only think you! Love you!

16、开始的时侯,我们就知道,总会有终结。Beginning, we know, there will always be an end.

17、我愿意爱你、照顾你、保护你一生一世!I am willing to love you, take care of you, protect you whole life!

18、此刻我很挂念你,请为我小心照顾自己。At the moment I miss you very much, please carefully take care of yourself for me.

19、如果这一生我们爱不够,来世必能长久。If this life our love is not enough, the world will last long.

20、即使以後不能在一起,但是请珍惜现在。Even if later can't together, but please cherish now.

英文带翻译的浪漫情话 我心里一直有你2

21、曾经迷惘的心中,是你牵引我走出寂寞。I was lost in my mind, it is you that led me out of loneliness.

22、爱情注定是一次jiu驾,你也得从容驾驶。Love is doomed to be a drunk driving, you also too easy to drive.

23、和你在一起只是,我不想给任何人机会。With you just, I don't want to give anyone a chance.

24、如果没有你的爱,活着的目标将难复再!Live without your love, the goal will be difficult to answer again!

25、只因你太美好令我无法坦白说出我爱你。Because you are so beautiful that I could not honestly say I love you.

26、爱是一种遇见,不能等待,也不能准备。Love is a kind of meet, can't wait for, also can't Ppared.

27、不管今世也来世也好,我所要的只有你。No matter this life and the afterlife, I want only you.

28、这一季夏末,我们用最真的话语、告白。The end of the summer season, we use the most true words, confessions.

29、回忆的钢琴,再也弹奏不出从前的旋律。Memories of the piano, can't play out former melody.

30、牵着我的手,闭着眼睛走你也不会迷路。Take my hand, eyes closed go you won't get lost.

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